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Flexible Body Flexible Mind 

The more flexible my mind becomes, the more flexible my body becomes. Perhaps it is because the mind is the body and the body is the mind. 

I don't really have a specific yoga practice at this moment. I don't even know if I would call what I do, yoga. It's more so, me listening to my body and inviting breath and intention to play with each other in the present moment. 

This technique is like ending the war between my head and my heart. As a result, my brain respects my hearts emotions, and my heart has… Read more

The Price of Happiness Podcast

  Your body is like an earth within the earth. Every cell in your body can be thought of as a member of your body's society; just as every person in the world can be thought of as a member of earths society.   When the members of a society are at peace, the environment is experienced as a peaceful place. When the members of a society are not at peace, dis-ease and discomfort is experienced in the environment.   This is true for your external and internal environments. When you are not… Read more

Born With No Beliefs 

I often ask people, if they were never told that they were sinners, or not good enough, what would they believe about themselves? What would you believe about yourself, if you were only told positive things about yourself as a kid?
Once we realize that we were born with no beliefs, it causes us to see how bogus most of our beliefs are. If we understand this at a deeper level, it becomes clear that we can choose to believe anything we want to believe. 

Some people claim to have no beliefs. But that in… Read more

Control Your Thoughts in the Present Moment 

  Many people believe they have no control over their thoughts. They think their thoughts are at the mercy of external conditions. This is true in a sense: for your environment does influence the way you think.

More importantly, if you believe you have no control over your thoughts, you will experience having no control over your thoughts. But if you believe you can control your thoughts, you will experience having control over your thoughts. 
People have the habit of thinking that what they can't… Read more

Meditation Log Sheet March 31st - April 6th 2015 

Here is my meditation log sheet for last week: March 31st - April 6th 2015
Between coaching, running several companies, and being a dad, things can get quite busy at times. This was a very active week, yet I still found time for my meditation practice. I do my best to meditate twice a day, every day, but as you can see, someday's I only got to sit once. 

Again, it's not about how long you sit. It's about the will to sit. 

Peace and love. 
​Robbie CorneliusRobbie Cornelius